“To be rich, be diligent.”

- Sir William D’Avenant, British Poet


  • Navy Research Development and Acquisition
  • Command Decisions Systems and Solutions
  • BAE Systems
  • Lexington Institute
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Indian Head Division of Naval Surface Warfare Center
  • Homeland Security Studies and Analysis Institute
  • Orbital SC
  • HP
  • Department of Justice
  • Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (ASDR&E)
  • Lockheed Martin
  • CSBA
  • Department of Defense


  • CNN
  • Bloomberg TV
  • 9 NEWS NOW
  • Defense News
  • USNI
  • Consulting Magazine
  • CIR
  • FOX Business
  • FOX News
  • Inside Human Terrain Teams (HTTs), by Diligent’s John Thorne
  • Defense News Article, “Unleashing Pent-up Data”
  • Article: Where are the Foreign Policy Realists?
  • Mike Barrett discusses NATO summit and costs of Afghan war with MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan
  • Small Wars Journal: Dangerous Precedent of POTUS Picking Targets
  • Defense News: All Revolutions Involve Chaos
  • Article: Battle Ready Radars, The Hill
  • Domestic Preparedness article regarding need for Resilience in the U.S. electrical grid
  • Washington Examiner article: Smarter Grid is a Smart Investment
  • Afghanistan is the Best Line Item DoD Could Cut
  • Defense News: All Coups Are Not Created Equal

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