About Diligent

About Diligent

Diligent Innovations is at the Cutting Edge of Strategic Insight

Diligent Innovations is a strategy consultancy firm headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, focused on enabling senior public and private sector leaders to solve strategic challenges across the national and homeland security industry.

The Diligent Approach to Consulting

Far from the traditional overly generalized “hit-and-run” approach of other consulting firms, we give exclusive attention to the very specific needs of our valued clients. Our clients’ challenges become our own and we work passionately to transform them into opportunities that deliver measurable value.

About Diligent InnovationsOur hand-selected staff, associates, and strategic partners have established a reputation for providing innovative thought through commitment and hard work. We achieve success when our clients achieve results.

  • Truth in Consulting – At Diligent, we pride ourselves on creating value by uncovering and highlighting essential truths. Sometimes these truths challenge our clients’ strategic assumptions, but assessing a situation for what it is, not for what we might wish it to be, is the real value of reputable consulting. As simple as it sounds, we put the truth back into consulting.
  • Embedded Innovation – We work with our clients very closely to foster an organizational culture that encourages innovation aligned to strategic objectives. Our analyses and projects include defined, measurable implementation pathways that minimize execution gaps and quickly address under-performing initiatives.